ID 18. Maximize landings with CPL limit (pay for media cost)

This strategy buys the cheapest inventory with the highest landing rate available to maximize landing volume. The strategy will not exceed the specified average CPL (cost per landing). This strategy is generally employed to drive as many users as possible to revisit the site.

Brief Overview

Budget Factor


Payment Model

Pay for media cost

Primarily Goal

Buy maximum volume of landings

Use Case

Drive returning users

Budget Pacing


Budget Types



You need to assign a landing tracking pixel to the line item for this strategy to work correctly. Make sure the Optimize checkbox is active when assigning the pixel.


If no targeting restrictions are set, the strategy will buy the cheapest available inventory; this can negatively impact the inventory quality. We strongly recommend to use this buying strategy with inventory restrictions such as:

  • Traffic source lists, e.g. domains, URLs, app bundles.

  • User segments uploaded to BidCore or collected by segment pixels.

  • Specified supply sources, e.g. non-guaranteed deals.

Conversely, if the settings are too strict the strategy will buy all available traffic, but there may not be enough to spend the allocated budget and achieve the volume goals. The possible causes of this may be:

  • The campaign targets user segments with a limited number of UUIDs and uses additional targeting parameters e.g. SSP or Geo that significantly limit the audience

  • Low CPL targeting premium supply sources, e.g. domains, app bundles, SSPs

Strategy Settings


The total budget of the line item includes extra fees and media cost. This strategy will spend 100% of the budget during the specified flight dates with evenly pacing. The budget will not be fully spent if some settings, e.g. CPL or targetings are too strict, as there will not be enough inventory to purchase.


The CPL (cost per landing) in this strategy is an upper restriction for the optimization engine, i.e. the average CPL will never be higher than specified. As the strategy has lifetime pacing, it can buy inventory with a CPL higher than specified, but the final average CPL will be equal or lower than specified.