Creative Management

A creative is an entity that describes the advertising assets which will be served to a user. Included in this description are the dimensions, the duration, and the source from where the creative can be fetched. Within BidCore each creative is linked to an advertiser and can be assigned to line items. You can manage creatives from a number of areas on the BidCore UI.

  • You can manage all of your creatives from the Creatives page

  • You can associated a creative with a line item from the Line Item ‣ Creatives configuration pane.

BidCore supports a number of creatives types. Each of these creatives can contain both advertising assets and tracking assets to measure their effectiveness.

Creative Hosting

You can use the BidCore CDN to host your HTML/Banner creatives. The following fees will be applied for Creative Hosting services. The fees are calculated using CPM per served impression and the creative size:

  • Creative size < 250kb: $0.03 CPM

  • Creative size < 500kb: $0.06 CPM

  • Creative size < 1Mb: $0.10 CPM

  • Creative size > 1Mb: $0.30 CPM