Video Creatives

When configuring Video creatives, ensure you use URL Safe Macro in your VAST markup and URLs. See the Markup Substitution Macros section for more details.

To set up a new Video creative, use the following steps.

  1. Select Creatives ‣ Create New

  2. Type your creative’s Name into the relevant field

  3. Assign your creative to an Advertiser by selecting the relevant advertiser from the dropdown list

  4. Select Video as the Creative Type.

  5. Activate the Creative can be skipped checkbox if you want your creative to be skippable. The checkbox is inactive by default.

  6. Enter the Landing Page URL, this is where the user is redirected after they click on the ad. You can add more landing pages by clicking Add Another Landing Page URL below.

  7. Enter the VAST URL (Secure) to where the VAST markup is hosted.

  8. Select the VAST Version of your video from the dropdown list.

  9. Enter the Video Duration in seconds.

  10. Select MIME Types of your video from the dropdown list. You can select multiple MIME types.

  11. Select API Frameworks from the dropdown list if necessary. You can select multiple API frameworks.

  12. Ensure you set the correct creative categories and attributes, as these are required for targeting.

    • Set the IAB Creative Categories, they categorize the creative and are used as part of targeting. These categories are required for all creatives.

    • The Brand Safety Creative Categories field should only be set for creatives that fall into at least one listed category, e.g. advertise alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. Not declaring brand unsafe creatives may result in being banned by SSPs.

    • The IAB Creative Attributes field is optional but should be specified in case of any specific behavior of the creative, e.g. being expandable, having autoplay or inbanner video. Not declaring such attributes may result in failing creative approval.

    • The Google Certified Vendors field is also optional but should be filled if your creative includes any 3rd party calls.

    • If trading with Google, set the Google Creative Attributes to signal how your creative interacts with the page and the user. Google Creative attributes should declare any specific behavior of the creative.

    You can find full lists of all creative categories and attributes in the Categorization Guides section.

  13. Press Create New Creative to save changes or Cancel to discard them and start anew.


Unlike Banner creative HTML code, Video creative VAST markup does not require the ${CLICK_URL} macro. Using the macro in the markup will result in a non-working creative.

Example VAST Markup

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<VAST version="2.0">
<Ad id="12345">
      <AdSystem version="1.0">SpotXchange</AdSystem>
      <AdTitle><![CDATA[Sample VAST]]></AdTitle>
      <Description><![CDATA[A sample VAST feed]]></Description>
            <Creative sequence="1" id="1">
                  <TrackingEvents />
                  <ClickThrough><![CDATA[ btest]]></ClickThrough>
                  <MediaFile delivery="progressive" bitrate="256" width="640" height="480" type="video/mp4"><![CDATA[]]></MediaFile>