Oracle Brand Safety Categories (Grapeshot)

Oracle brand safety categories can be used as part of line item targeting, see the Oracle Brand Safety Categories (Grapeshot) section for more details.

Oracle Brand Safety Categories



Consumption of Drugs

Avoids webpage textual contentrelated to consumption of drugs,including recreational and performance enhancing use

Content with Offensive Terms

Avoids webpage textual contentthat includes offensive terms

Death and Injury

Segments within include air, fire,rail, road and sea

Guns and Weapons

Avoids webpage textual contentaround guns and weapons

Hate Speech

Avoids derogatory terms including racism, homophobia and political terms

Mature and Sexual Content

Avoids mature and sexual content

Online Piracy and Spam

Relates to online piracy and spam content

Serious, Sex and Violent Crime

Segments within include serious, sex and violent


Avoids content around terrorist attacks


Avoids all smoking content, including vaping and e-cigarettes

War and Conflicts

Avoids conflict, war and negative foreign policy content