Click Tracking

In BidCore, you can track clicks on Banner and Video creatives. On Banner creatives clicks are tracked with macros; on Video creatives you can use 3rd party click tracker functionality.

Click Tracking on Banner Creatives

To track clicks on banner creatives, BidCore uses the following Markup Substitution Macros:


    These macros combine click tracking and redirect functions. The click is recorded before redirectling the user to the landing page.


    These macros are only used for click tracking.

In order to enable click tracking on a banner, make sure one of the macros listed above is present in the creative HTML markup. The statistic on recorded clicks is saved in the BidCore system and used for click based Budget Optimization Strategies and reporting.

If you want to use your own click tracker on a banner creative, you can insert it into the URL with the landing page redirect, see the example below.

<a href="${CLICK_URL};4444553;0;409;0/?ft_width=300&ft_height=250&url=38213325" target="_blank">

Click Tracking on Video Creatives

3rd party click tracker is a functionality that allows BidCore clients to enable gathering data on clicks by 3rd party vendors. Whenever a creative gets a click, BidCore sends a signal to these vendors. One creative can have 1 to 5 trackers applied.

The 3rd party click tracker functionality is optional.

3rd party click trackers can only be applied to video creatives.

To apply a 3rd party click tracker to a video creative, use the following steps.

  1. Go to the 3rd Party Click Trackers block.

  2. Paste the secure tracker image URL into the Click Tracker Code field.