All u-Slicer FunctionsΒΆ

This section aims to outline all of the features available in u-Slicer and where you can find out more about on each.

uSlicer Screenshot showing the below listed features
  • Add Custom Data Columns u-Slicer lets you add your own custom columns where you can define the function that returns the data, see Adding custom data columns

  • Calendar The calendar function lets you select the date range for which data is returned. Note: The data can only go back as far as the initial deployment date.

  • Chart Types You can display your charts using area, column, line, or line + column charts, use the assessment button to display the options

  • Chart as Image Download You can download an image of any graph you generate, in one of the following formats: pdf, svg, png, jpg, use the arrow_downward button to display the options

  • Custom Chart Lines Using these you can overlay a line on the graph for one of the following functions: SimpleMovingAvg, Trend, Integral

  • Standalone Chart You can display a graph in a standalone window by selecting the content_copy button

  • Column Drag and Drop You can drag and drop columns in the u-Slicer interface, which can be useful to put related figures closer together for analysis

  • Confidence Range The confidence range refers to how accurate the reported figures are. This is due to the data compression mechanism applied to improve performance when processing huge data volumes.

  • Data Filtering You can filter data to see what values are given for the selected data type, for example, language, device type, site.

  • Data Sort You can sort each report by one data column. To do this use the filter arrow that appears beside each column header on hover arrow_downward, the arrow remains displayed beside the sorting column

  • Export Functions You can export the data underlying each report to CSV, Excel, or Google Spreadsheets

  • Metric Comparison You can plot two metrics on the chart function, and see if they are in some way correlated

  • Short URL Generator You can generate short URLs for sharing a report more easily amongst those with access to the u-Slicer instance, use the short URL button

  • Saving Charts You can save a chart that you have generated for future reference by adding it to your u-Slicer bookmarks. Select the star_border on the page header to add a chart to your bookmarks

  • Scheduled Reports You can set up scheduled reports from the UI, see the Schedule regular mailing

  • Time Granularity u-Slicer lets you configure the time period which is applied to each data point. The options available are: Day & Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.

  • Time Shift You can overlay two sets of data, separate by a time period, the Time Shift option can be configured based on the Time Granularity setting.