Transcoding Video AssetsΒΆ

In BidCore you can transcode your video assets into multiple versions of them, each with its own resolution and bitrate. Thus, you will be able to buy impressions from more publishers, as your creatives will meet a wider range of requirements set in bid requests and suit for users with different screen sizes and internet connection.

Transcoding is only available if you choose to host your video in BidCore by uploading it to our servers. It is not available for linked videos.

If you choose to transcode your video asset, it will be converted into multiple video files, one for each resolution and bitrate supported by BidCore. All these video files will be hosted on our servers.


Your creative hosting fee will change according to the combined size of all hosted video files.

If your video asset has an audio track, all transcoded copies will have one too.


Video assets with more than 1 audio track cannot be transcoded.

Only the following video aspect ratios are supported for transcoding:

  • 9/16

  • 1/1

  • 4/3

  • 16/9

There are the following dependencies between the source video resolution and the thanscoding result:

  • Very low resolution videos cannot be transcoded.

  • Very high resolution videos are transcoded into videos with slightly lower resolutions.

Video assets cannot be edited while transcoding is in progress.