The multicurrency support has been implemented in BidCore in order to provide more flexibility and convenience for budgeting and calculating custom fees. While bidding is always performed in USD, advertisers can set campaign and line item budgets, custom fees, margin, KPIs (CPM, CPC, CPV etc.) in the preferred currency. The preferred currency can only be set together with the new Advertiser entity in BidCore; once set, it cannot be edited. All the campaigns assigned to the advertiser and all the line items assigned to these campaigns will have their budgets and custom fees in the advertiser currency. Please refer to the Advertiser Management section for detailed information and instructions.

Currency exchange rates in BidCore are provided by They update automatically on a daily basis. At this moment BidCore supports the following currencies:

  • USD - United States dollar (the default currency)

  • AUD - Australian dollar

  • BRL - Brazilian real

  • CAD - Canadian dollar

  • CNY - Chinese yuan

  • EUR - Euro

  • GBP - Pound sterling

  • INR - Indian rupee

  • JPY - Japanese yen

  • KRW - South Korean won

  • RUB - Russian ruble

  • SEK - Swedish krona

  • SGD - Singapore dollar

  • THB - Thai baht

  • TRY - Turkish lira

Currency exchange rates are available in your Account Settings in the menu on the left.

You can watch the metrics calculated in the preferred currency in u-Slicer by the Advertiser Currency key.

In order to have access to the currencies you require, please contact your representative at BidCore.