Terms of Service

The BidCore REST API supports HTTP Protocol version 1.1 or later. Non-secure access is not allowed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement is applied to the API Service.

Breaking Changes Policy

To ensure the reliability of the API Service, we have a policy that applies to each API release. “Breaking” changes refer to changes made in the existing functionality that take effect immediately and impact API behavior. These changes require adjusting API integration accordingly. We aim to avoid affecting client implementation, thus, insofar as it is possible, all changes are designed to be non-breaking, i.e. fields added are specified as non-mandatory, etc. Currently, API does not suppose any versioning.

If breaking changes are planned, our policy is as follows:

  1. The client will have one month to adapt to the changes.

  2. If after one month the client has not adjusted for the changes, development for any functionality for the client will be stalled until the client has adapted to the new API version.

  3. The frequence of such changes is estimated at once per 2 months on average, but this period is not guaranteed.

  4. Any breaking changes will be accompanied by an appropriate update to the documentation and a separate ticket in our ticket tracking system documenting exactly what will be changed.

Breaking Changes

This section defines which changes qualify as breaking and which do not.

List of breaking changes

The following types of changes qualify as breaking changes:

  • Addition of a new required field

  • Addition of a new validator

  • Change of a field’s name

  • Change of a field’s data type

  • Change of a field’s validation rule

  • Change of a field from optional to required

  • Change of a query parameter’s (e.g. filter) name

  • Change of a query parameter’s format

  • Endpoint removal

  • Field removal

  • Query parameter removal

Examples of non-breaking changes

  • Addition of a new endpoint

  • Addition of a new optional field

  • Addition of a new query parameter

  • Change of a field from required to optional

  • Field’s validation removal


BidCore retains the right to restrict the QPS and the number of concurrent requests made in our system to ensure proper performance. Currently, the default limit is 16 requests per second for all endpoints. This restriction is subject to change. To request a change, contact customer support.


If you exceed the throttling limit, the API will respond with the HTTP 429 response code and Too Many Requests message.