Log Data Access

Having access to log-level data can prove important for reporting and analytical purposes. The most common log data use cases include conversion attribution, building custom predict models, and custom reporting. BidCore provides clients with access to their trading data logs if requested. Each log record is one event of the appropriate type. For example, whenever BidCore bids on a request, the bid event is logged. Similarly, an impression is logged when served. Each event record takes one line in the log.

Setting up Log Delivery

Logging data is gathered using a logging schema, and once you have provided a list of fields you want for the relevant log type to your account manager, the data can be made available for you to access.

By default, logs are delivered to a BidCore bucket on Google Cloud Platform. A Google account is required to access these buckets. Logs can also be delivered to a partner’s own storage. To arrange this, please inform your account manager of the details required to access your storage bucket. Included in this should be any storage limits or other details that should be considered. BidCore can provide access to the following logs.