ID 111. Spend budget evenly with a monthly impression goal

This strategy will buy a target amount of impressions during a calendar month within the flight dates of the campaign while spending the campaign budget evenly.

Brief Overview

Budget Factor


Payment Model

Pay with impressions

Primarily Goal

Buy a target volume of impressions

Use Case

Achieve the monthly goal on impressions while spending the budget evenly

Budget Pacing


Budget Types



If the settings are too strict, the strategy will buy all available traffic, but it may not be enough to achieve the volume goals. The possible causes of this may be:

  • Low CPMs

  • Low CPMs with strict targeting

Strategy Settings


This strategy budget will be calculated based on the CPM and the target volume of impressions. The CPM you set will be used for all bidding.


The budget is only equal to CPM * Target volume of impressions if winning the first price auction. If winning the second price auction, the budget will be not greater than CPM * Target volume of impressions.

If the campaign lifetime doesn’t equal a calendar month, the strategy will aim to buy the target volume of impressions during the campaign flight dates. For example, with the target volume of 100 impressions and the campain lifetime January 1st - January 15th, the strategy will buy those 100 impressions in the specified period; with the target volume of 100 impressions and the campaign lifetime January 1st - March 31st the strategy will buy 100 impressions each calendar month within the campaign lifetime.

Target volume of impressions

The strategy will not buy more than the target volume of impressions within a calendar month while spending the budget evenly.