Advertiser Management

An Advertiser is the top entity in BidCore, and you can create new advertisers, edit existing advertisers and use them to take quick actions that cascade down to their sub-entities. Each Advertiser can be a parent to the following entities:

An advertiser can be active or paused. The result of pausing and advertiser is the immediate and complete halting of all trading under this advertiser.


  • When you delete an advertiser, all entities assigned to it are deleted automatically.

  • When you deactivate an advertiser, all campaigns assigned to it and their line items become paused too.

  • Please tread carefully with advertiser quick actions to avoid unintended consequences.

Creating an Advertiser

When you create a new Advertiser, the only mandatory parameter you need to specify is the advertiser’s Name. All other information is optional and can be added for your convenience.

You can provide the following additional information about the advertiser:

  • Business type

  • Website URL

  • Comments (anything useful you may need for the future reference)

If there is a contact person within the advertiser, you can provide information on them as well, such as their Name, Title, Phone number and Email.