Campaign Management

In the BidCore UI you can create new advertising campaigns, edit existing campaigns, access the full list of campaigns available to you.

Campaigns list

Select Trading ‣ Campaigns in the menu on the left to open the list of campaigns. On the list you can see all existing campaigns, their unique numeric IDs, spend (cumulative spend of all line items assigned to this campaign), flight dates and statuses.

The Activate switch allows you to activate or deactivate a campaign. The result of this action is immediately reflected in the Status column, switching the campaign’s status from Active to Paused or the other way around. Campaigns with Paused status won’t trade.

To be assigned the Active status, a campaign must have at least one active line item assigned to it. An active line item must have at least one creative attached for actual media trading to take place. If a campaign has not started yet or has already ended, it cannot be activated either.

A campaign can have one of the following statuses:

  • Active - At least one line item assigned to this campaign is active and delivering

  • Complete - All line items assigned to this campaign are past their end dates, no longer delivering

  • Paused - No line item assigned to this campaign will deliver until the campaign is activated

  • Scheduled - Line items assigned to this campaign will start delivering on its start date

You can filter the list using the Search function to return any partially matching campaign name or ID. Use the dropdown Advertiser menu next to the search field to filter the campaigns list by advertiser.

You can duplicate a campaign by pressing the content_copy action button on the right side from the name of the campaign. This will create an exact copy of the campaign with all its settings; all line items assigned to the original campaign will be copied with their settings too.

Information on existing campaigns can be exported into an .xlsx table and saved on your computer. The table reproduces all the columns present in the BidCore UI. Press Download XLSX on the top of the campaigns list to download and save the file.

You can Delete a campaign by using a quick action button on the right.


When you deactivate a campaign, all line items assigned to it become Paused too.

Creating a Campaign

To create a campaign:

  1. Select Trading ‣ Campaign ‣ Create New.

  2. Fill in the general settings for your campaign:

    • Enter the Campaign name in the Name field.

    • Set Status to Active (if you want the campaign to start serving ads) or Inactive. By default the campaign status is set to Inactive.

    • Assign the campaign to an Advertiser (or create a new one).

  3. Set the Campaign budget in USD if you have information on it.

    If the budget is set on the campaign level, the total budget of line items assigned to the campaign won’t increase the campaign budget. BidCore automatically stops buying for all line items assigned to the campaign when the campaign spend equals the planned spend.

    Activate the The campaign budget is for each calendar month checkbox if you want the campaign budget to be spent during one calendar month.

    Activate the Spend the campaign budget evenly through the campaign term if you want to spend your campaign budget regardless of line item settings. By default, the campaign spend is defined by how it is set on the line item level.

    Check the Budget Management section to learn more on how to manage the campaign budget.

  4. Set the ad Frequency Cap for the campaign if required.

    Frequency cap can be set on the line item level as well, see the Line Item Management section for details. If frequency cap is set on the campaign level, it overwrites frequency cap set for line items assigned to this campaign. For example, if the campaign frequency cap is set on 3 impressions in 1 day and the cumulative line item frequency cap is 5, all line items will stop serving ads upon 3 impressions a day, even if some line items haven’t served any impressions at all.

  5. Enable the Cross-Device Conversion Tracking if required.


    To activate the feature, you need to have TapAd Audience Extension graph enabled on your account. Contact your BidCore account manager.

    Cross-device tracking can be applied to post-view conversions. After an impression is recorded, BidCore applies the user’s BidSwitch cookie to their TapAd individual or household ID and then records conversions using the TapAd ID. Additionally, conversions are recorded by the user’s IP address when one of the devices in the chain is a connected TV. Attributed conversions can be tracked by the User ID Source key and Attributed PVC value in u-Slicer.

  6. Set the Start Date/End Date and Time.

    The campaign flight dates are inherited by line items assigned to the campaign. Line items created on a later date have their start date set to the day they are created.

  7. Set a Time zone for your campaign. The campaign time zone is inherited by line items assigned to the campaign.

  8. Click Save New Campaign to save changes or Cancel to discard them and start anew..

Once a campaign is created, you can assign line items to it.