3rd Party Impression Trackers

3rd party impression tracker is a functionality that allows BidCore clients to enable gathering data on impressions by 3rd party vendors. Whenever an impression takes place, BidCore sends a signal to these vendors. The data can be used on the vendors’ side for attribution, measurement, verification and other purposes. One creative can have 1 to 5 trackers applied.

The 3rd party impression tracker functionality is optional.


&orig_ssp_bid_id=${MASTER_BID_REQUEST_ID}&mt_device_model=${DEVICE_MODEL}&mt_gaid=${IFA}&mt_idfa=${IFA}&occ=${ONLINE_CONVERSION_CONTEXT}&mt_sub1=${APP_BUNDLE}&mt_sub2=${PUBLISHER_ID}&mt_pub_plcmnt_id=${TAGID}&mt_network=${ADVERTISER_ID}&mt_campaign=${CAMPAIGN_ID}&mt_adset=${LINE_ITEM_ID}&mt_creative=${CREATIVE_ID}&ssp=${INVENTORY_SOURCE}&af_c=${CAMPAIGN_NAME}&af_c_id=${CAMPAIGN_ID}&af_adset_id=${LINE_ITEM_ID}&af_adset=${LINE_ITEM_NAME}&af_ad_id=${CREATIVE_ID}&af_ad=${CREATIVE_NAME}&mt_sub4=3rdparty_imp&gdpr=${GDPR}&gdpr_consent= ${GDPR_CONSENT}

Please see below how to set up 3rd party impression trackers depending on the creative type.

Video Creative

Unlike Banner/Native, you can only assign image tracking type to video creatives. Please proceed as follows.

  1. Go to the 3rd Party Impression Trackers block.

  2. Paste the secure tracker image URL into the Impression Tracker Code field.