LiveRamp Data Marketplace

BidCore’s integration with LiveRamp data marketplace gives you access to many 3rd party data segments available for use with line item targeting in the BidCore UI and via the API.

The following data providers are currently available:


The segments provided by LiveRamp apply to US audiences only.

Each of these segments will incur additional CPM fees. You can see the individual fees in the BidCore UI. If you choose to target line items to multiple LiveRamp 3rd-party segments, you will only pay the highest CPM fee of all segments selected. For example, if you choose to target 3 segments with $1, $3 and $4 CPM fees, you will pay $4 CPM fee for all 3 segments. Segment fees are available for reporting in u-Slicer under the Liveramp fee reporting key.

For detailed information on how LiveRamp segment targeting works, please refer to the LiveRamp Segments section.