Deal Management

A Deal can be open or private. An open deal can represent a subset of the publisher’s inventory or audience data, such as premium placements or specific user segments. A private deal represents an agreement between demand and supply partners, meaning that the supply partner gives the deal a priority or special predefined trading conditions. BidCore supports both open and private deals; programmatic guaranteed deals are also supported. To enable programmatic guaranteed deal type in your account, please contact your BidCore representative.

Targeting a deal on the supply side

BidCore is connected to numerous suppliers via BidSwitch and, as a DSP, has the ID of 393 named “IPONWEB Demand” in BidSwitch. When working with your supply partners, please instruct them to find buyer 393 behind BidSwitch to target a deal to.

There are several exceptions where different buyer IDs should be used:

  • on Xandr (AppNexus) SSP, BidCore has seat ID 11517

  • on Google SSP, search for the buyer “IPONWEB BidCore”, or buyer ID 49266874

  • on YieldOne, BidCore has seat ID 286

  • on MicroAd, BidCore has seat ID 28

Adding a deal

In BidCore you can only create deals which have been already set up on other platforms, using deal IDs provided by SSPs with whom you trade through BidCore.

In order to start trading on a deal, you need to create at least one active line item targeted to this deal and to the SSP the deal is assigned to.

Pay attention to the following line item settings:

  1. Make sure the line item is active and assigned to an active campaign.

  2. Make sure you select the correct buying strategy when setting up the line item. The buying strategy choice depends on your budget spending mode: Even or ASAP.

  3. Make sure you set the correct line item budget and CPM.

  4. Set a client custom fee if required by the deal terms.

  5. Set the line item to target the appropriate SSP and deal ID.

After you start trading on a deal, you can monitor its performance in u-Slicer. If there is one line item targeted to the deal, you can track performance by the line item’s name. If there are several line items targeted to the deal, you can track performance by the deal ID.


To ensure your deal is trading, you can monitor its performance in u-Slicer by its Deal ID, paying special attention to No Bids and Yes Bids metrics. They show if there is any performance on your deal at all. If there are No Bids on your deal but no Yes Bids, this may indicate that the SSP floor price requirement isn’t met. Please contact your BidCore client service manager should you have any questions or require a clarification regarding your deal performance in BidCore.