Ads.txt StatusesΒΆ

This targeting allows you to set up your line item to target suppliers with certain ads.txt statuses. The ads.txt file is hosted by publishers and indicates which SSPs are allowed to sell inventory belonging to this publisher and what is their relationship with those SSPs. There are the following options available:

  • direct (the publisher indicates a direct commercial relationship with the SSP partner)

  • resellers

  • unknown

You can include statuses into targeting and exclude them. When you use this targeting on a line item, you can create either black or white lists, not both at once.

By default your line items target all supply regardless of ads.txt statuses.


BidCore blocks traffic without any ads.txt status on the platform level. Unknown status is recognized and can be targeted.

Please use the Ads.txt Status reporting key to analyze performance in u-Slicer.