ID 22. Maximize margin with target percentage of viewable impressions

This strategy will buy a specified percent of viewable impressions and maximize margin with the given maximum CPM. The strategy is recommended if you want to reach a specific viewability percentage for impressions you buy, while maximizing the margin and keeping a certain CPM threshold. It is usually used to reach the target impression viewability as cheaply as possible.

Brief Overview

Budget Factor


Payment Model

Pay for impressions

Primarily Goal

Buy target percentage of viewable impressions without exceeding the CPM cap and maximize margin

Use Case

Drive impression views

Budget Pacing


Budget Types



If no targeting restrictions are set, the strategy will buy the cheapest viewable inventory; this can negatively impact the inventory quality. We strongly recommend to use this buying strategy with inventory restrictions such as:

  • Traffic source lists, e.g. domains, URLs, app bundles

  • User segments uploaded to BidCore or collected by segment pixels

  • Specified supply sources, e.g. non-guaranteed deals

Strategy Settings

Advertiser budget

The total budget of the line item includes margin, extra fees, and media cost. This strategy will spend 100% of the budget during the specified flight dates with lifetime pacing. The budget will not be fully spent if some settings, e.g. CPM, margin, targetings are too strict, as there will not be enough inventory to purchase.

Maximum average CPM

The CPM in this strategy is an upper restriction for the optimization engine, i.e. the average CPM will never be higher than specified. As the strategy has lifetime pacing, it can buy inventory with a CPM higher than specified, but the final average CPM will be equal or lower than specified.

Target margin

Unlike other margin maximizing strategies, margin is a required parameter. The primary goal is buying the target percentage of viewable impressions while keeping margin above the target value.

Percent of viewable impressions

The strategy will aim to buy the percent of viewable impressions that cannot be lower than the preset target value.