Oracle Brand Safety Categories (Grapeshot)

Oracle Brand Safety categories are an additional tool provided by BidCore in order to protect your brand reputation and your clients. Oracle is one of the best known and popular 3rd party brand safety providers. Oracle Brand Safety categories can be used as a line item targeting option in order to prevent your creatives from appearing on webpages with certain content. You can find the full list of them in the Oracle Brand Safety Categories (Grapeshot) section.

BidCore does not work with suppliers which allow potentially unsafe traffic. The option to exclude brand safety categories from targeting can be used for additional control: you can make sure your line items won’t target pages with undesirable content. BidCore also provides the Bid on safe inventory UI option allowing you to block all potentially undesirable content. The Bid on undefined UI option allows you to bid whenever Oracle doesn’t respond or send any brand safety data in response.

As provided by a 3rd party vendor, Oracle Brand Safety targeting is billed separately. A $0.03 CPM impression fee is applied if Oracle Brand Safety targeting is activated.