Oracle Custom Contextual Categories (Grapeshot)ΒΆ

Oracle Custom Contextual Categories targeting is a fully customizeable tool provided by BidCore that allows that allows targeting certain contextual categories as defined by you. Utilizing it, you can create your own contextual categories and use them for line item targeting, thus making sure your ads appear on webpages with content most suitable for your needs and requirements.

To enable and use custom contextual categories in your BidCore account, proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare a list of terms (keywords) and phrases (keyword combinations) and the name of the category you want to create.

  2. Present your BidCore representative with the list of terms and phrases and the name of the category. The new targeting will be enabled for you upon your request and the categories you created will be added to your account.

As you prepare your categories, please mind the following requirements and restrictions:

  • Number of terms: Recommended term range is between 5 and up to the maximum of 250

  • Long phrases: It is advised thet the category contains no phrases with more than 8 terms

  • Term length: The term length should not exceed 50 characters

As provided by a 3rd party vendor, Oracle custom contextual targeting is billed separately. A $0.25 CPM impression fee is applied if this targeting is activated.