Vendors And Services


BidCore’s integration with BlueKai gives you access to many 3rd party audience segments available for use with line item targeting in the BidCore UI and via the API.

Please contact your Account Manager or Support team for help with navigating, choosing and activating BlueKai audience segments to use in your BidCore account. For the full list of segments please refer to this spreadsheet

Each segment will incur additional CPM fees. You can see the individual fees in the BidCore UI. If you choose to target line items to multiple BlueKai segments, you will only pay the highest CPM fee of all segments selected. For example, if you choose to target 2 segments with $0.6 and $1.1 CPM fees, you will pay $1.1 CPM fee for both segments. Segment fees are available for reporting in u-Slicer under BlueKai Fee and BlueKai Fee (USD) reporting values.

For detailed information on how BlueKai segment targeting works, please refer to the BlueKai Segments section.


BlueKai doesn’t operate in the EU


Placing ads in the right context can greatly increase their effectiveness. Oracle is a vendor providing a textual classification technology that analyses and categorizes textual content gathered from websites, thus allowing advertisers to make sure they buy inventory from websites that match the content of their ads. The website content is carefully checked for matching specific topics. The results of this analysis can be used in two ways.

  • Contextual targeting (Oracle Contextual Categories): Oracle technology is used to target contextually relevant websites.

  • Oracle Brand Safety: Oracle technology is used to exclude websites with potentially undesirable or harmful content from targeting.

Oracle Contextual Categories

If Oracle Contextual Categories targeting is activated, $0.25 CPM impression fee is applied.

Oracle Brand Safety

If Oracle Brand Safety targeting is activated, $0.03 CPM impression fee is applied.

Oracle Custom Brand Safety

If Oracle Custom Brand Safety targeting is activated, $0.25 CPM impression fee is applied.


For detailed information on Liveramp data marketplace services in BidCore, please refer to the LiveRamp Data Marketplace section.


In order to maximize the effectiveness of ad campaigns, it is important not only to place ads in the right context, but also to ensure the ad placement allows the ad to be actually seen by users. The Prebid solution provided by Moat helps advertisers buy inventory that meets their viewability requirements. The solution allows predicting the possibility of an ad being seen and bidding only on inventory that falls into preset requirements for specific ads. Viewability requirements are measured in percents and divisible by 10. The possibility of an ad being seen cannot be higher than 90% or lower than 20%.

MOAT Prebid Viewability

The vendor fee applied for Moat Prebid Viewability service depends on the creative type:

  • $0.11 CPM impression fee for display creatives;

  • $0.20 CPM impression fee for video creatives.

Check the Moat Prebid Viewability section for more information on how Moat Prebid Viewability works in BidCore.


The TapAd Audience Extension graph is a digital cross-device solution allowing clients with 1st party audience data sets to extend and enhance their targeting by engaging users across multiple devices. Aside from empowering individual targeting, the TapAd Audience Extension graph can be applied on the household level, targeting not only individuals, but anybody in their location.


Individual or household level targeting is applied on the Line Item level within your BidCore account.

The TapAd Audience Extension graph can only be applied to 1st party audience segments and cannot be expanded to LiveRamp segments or any other 3rd party audience data sets.

In order to activate the TapAd Audience Extension graph integration on your account, please contact your BidCore account manager.

If TapAd Audience Extension is activated, a $0.50 CPM impression fee is applied.


TapAd only operates in the USA

BidCore Creative Hosting

You can host your Banner Creatives and Video Creatives in BidCore. BidCore creative hosting and data transfer fee of $0.1/Gb is charged on impression and calculated individually, depending on your media trading volumes. For example, if a campaign has 100,000 of impressions and the size of the served creative is 0.0025 Gb, the hosting fee for this campaign will be $25.

BidCore Log Data

BidCore provides access to trading log data as an extra client service. $80 vendor fee is applied for 1 billion lines. Check the Log Data Access section for more information about the data provided.