In BidCore there are two most common ways to retarget audience already exposed to a line item. In short, you can gather audience for retargeting on impression or on events of your choice.

In order to collect audience on impression, you can use a collecting pixel previously created in BidCore as an impression tracker. When used this way, the pixel will collect information about segments the user belongs on an impression shown to this user, thus combining the functions of collecting segments and tracking impressions. Simply put, you can use a tracking pixel as an impression tracker on a creative and then use the same pixel to target the audience.

To set up a segment collecting pixel to track impressions, use the following steps.

  1. Create a segment tracking pixel as described in the Pixel Management section, or open an existing one in the BidCore UI.

  2. Copy the pixel code, depending on the tracking type. Note: you can only use Image tracking type on video creatives.

  3. Add a new impression tracker to the chosen creative as described in the 3rd Party Impression Trackers section and insert the copied pixel code into the Impression Tracker Code field. Thus, you enable tracking impressions with the same pixel you use for collecting segments.

  4. Assign the creative to the line item you want to use for retargeting as described in the Line Item Management section.

  5. Assign the same tracking pixel you used as the impression tracker to the line item as described in the Pixel Management section.

  6. Enable Pixel Segments targeting on the line item.