ID 20. Maximize VCR with CPM limit and impression cap

The strategy will buy a target volume of impressions with target CPM, aiming to achieve and maximise VCR: the share of impressions resulted with a target VAST event (Complete View or 30 Seconds View). It will try to buy available traffic that converts the best into complete video views.

This strategy is recommended if you want to maximize VCR, a maximum CPM in place, and an impression cap, and it is usually used to maximize complete views while maintaining a guaranteed volume of impressions.

Brief Overview

Budget Factor


Payment Model

Pay for impressions

Primarily Goal

Maximize views complete rate

Use Case

Maximize the volume of complete views while having a fixed number of impressions

Budget Pacing


Budget Types



You must take into account that buying complete video views requires a learning (exploration) period for the prediction model to identify the probability of a conversion and enable it to buy the most acceptable traffic. If you launch the line item without an explorational period, the strategy can’t define the traffic and provide the expected outcome.

Strategy Settings

Impressions Cap

This strategy will only buy the target number of impressions, then stop trading completely.


The CPM in this strategy is an upper restriction for the optimization engine, i.e. the average CPM will never be higher than specified. As the strategy has lifetime pacing, it can buy inventory with a CPM higher than specified, but the final average CPM will b be equal or lower than specified. If the strategy can’t buy VAST events within the specified CPM, it won’t buy any VAST events.


The VCR in this strategy is a goal for the optimization engine i.e. the average VCR will never be lower than specified. The strategy will aim to achieve the specified VCR. If the strategy can’t buy traffic with the specified VCR or higher, it won’t buy any traffic.