Creative Management

A creative is an entity that describes the advertising assets which will be served to a user. Included in this description are the dimensions, the duration, and the source from where the creative can be fetched. Within BidCore each creative is linked to an advertiser and can be assigned to line items. You can manage creatives from a number of areas on the BidCore UI.

  • You can manage all of your creatives from the Creatives page

  • You can associated a creative with a line item from the Line Item ‣ Assign Creatives configuration pane.

BidCore supports a number of creatives types. Each of these creatives can contain both advertising assets and tracking assets to measure their effectiveness.

Creatives List

Select Creatives in the menu on the left to open the list of creatives. On the list you can see all existing creatives, their previews, unique numeric IDs, type, size, and hosting (whether the creative is hosted by BidCore).

You can Upload Creatives using the option on the top of the list, see more details on it in the Banner Creatives section.

You can filter the list using the Search function to return any partially matching creative name or ID. Use the dropdown Advertiser menu next to the search field to filter the creatives list by advertiser.

Creative Approval Report

Once every 3 hours, BidCore generates a creative approval report. This report lists all creatives with their SSP approval status. If a creative gets banned by an SSP, the report will provide the reason of the ban and the related SSP name. You can download the report in the .tsv format using the Creative Approval Report option on the top of the creatives list.

Please refer to the Creative Approval and Blocking section to learn more about the creative approval process and how it works in BidCore.