IAB Content CategoriesΒΆ

This targeting allows you to set up your line item to target certain IAB content categories. You can find the full list of them in the IAB Categories section. You can use IAB content categories as a line item targeting option in order to make sure your ads appear on webpages with certain content most suitable for your needs and requirements.

You can include categories into targeting and exclude them. When you use this targeting on a line item, you can create either black or white lists of categories, not both at once.

Each IAB category has a list of subcategories assigned to it. By targeting a category, you target all its subcategories by default. In order to target separate subcategories, make sure you add them appropriately.

By default, your line items target all IAB content categories.

Please use the IAB Content Categories reporting key to analyze performance in u-Slicer.